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BLUE PVC Heat Shrink Wrap for Battery Packs (/FT)

BLUE PVC Heat Shrink Wrap for Battery Packs (/FT)
BLUE PVC Heat Shrink Wrap for Battery Packs (/FT)
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BLUE PVC Heat Shrink Wrap for Battery Packs (/FT)
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  • Model: PVCheatshrink
  • Weight: 1.00oz
  • Dimensions: 12.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in

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  • Heat shrink tube size : Flat Width 30mm-380mm, 3ft long per quantity (The flat width is equal to half of the tube circumference)
  • Shrinkage tempe,rature : 80 ° C
  • Temperature range : -40 ° C to 105 ° C
  • Temperature class : 105 ° C
  • Shrinkage : ≥48±5%
  • Rated voltage : 300v
  • Product color : blue
  • Product features : excellent environmental protection, insulation, stable performance, low shrinkage temperature, fast shrinkage.
  • Uses Widely used in aluminum, electrolytic capacitors, batteries, lithium battery packs, electronic components, lighting, LED needles, bottle combination packaging, etc., to beautify the appearance of the coating, heat preservation, moisture, corrosion, dust prevention
  • Use suggestions : For short heat shrink tubing, a lighter can be used to complete the shrinkage. A heat gun and other tools can be used to heat it to complete the shrinkage relative to a larger or longer heat shrink tubing. It is not recommended to use electrochromic iron for shrinkage.

Package Content : 

  • One roll PVC heat shrinkable tube


  • The price shown is per foot.
  • There is a measurement error of 0~4mm in the width and length dimensions.
  • Please understand that due to the difference in light or computer monitor, I cannot guarantee that the photo and the real color are 100% identical.
  • Only unmodified and unwrapped items will be accepted as a return.
  • Tampering with or modifying this item in any way without prior written approval from seller will void any applied warranty, no returns will be accepted!

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